I’m Dave Brown

Creative Leadership

Hi there. I’m Dave. I’m what you’d call a “kind-hearted creative leader”. That's not an oxymoron. It’s just the truth. I work hard, care hard, and excel in building teams of talented people who strive to change the way the world works.

 My past, present, and hopes for the future inform how I work and view the world. Kind of like six degrees of separation, everything I’ve done works in tandem with what’s next. 

Over the past two decades, I’ve been lucky enough to wear many different hats and build an arsenal of skills; entrepreneur, founder, author, creative director, public speaker, CEO, product designer, experiential marketer, trendspotter, mentor, husband, dad.



And yet outside of the business cards and vast portfolio of work, it’s the people I’ve worked with who inspire me the most. I come alive in the moment when I build a team and lead them to do something great. 

Leadership is being in tune with a company, it’s people, and the world. I put a heavy emphasis on empathy in my life and in my work, because everyone deserves to feel safe and heard - it’s not only human but a formula that results in successful teams, products and organizations.

I believe in having an adventurous career. It makes for more exciting experiences in life, work, and friendships. And my desire for adventure doesn’t stop at my resume - it’s an integral part of who I am. When you boil it down to the basic elements, I'm an investor in people, a curator of ideas, and a believer in building products that dare to make the world a more exciting place. 

Every job title and position has helped shape me into the leader I am today - an infinitely curious person with a kind heart and an ear towards the future. I've spent the past two decades honing my craft, and now I want to lead others to do the same.

Photo Credit: Michael Allen Spear